Thursday, June 17, 2010

grumpy card

This card is for my great-nephew's promotion to high school. Grumpy is on the outside of the card, the writing is on the inside. I made the grumpy from a coloring book page. SO EASY!

moving car card

Card I made for my husband's birthday.. first photo is closed, 2nd photo is opened to reveal message.
Got the idea from my sister. The car is a Karmann Ghia, which he has one to restore.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

cards from my sisters

Well my sisters are too cleaver. Here are cards they made. The purple one is from my younger sister. Says " Don't lie about your age", inside says "EMBELLISH IT!" My much older sister made the other card is directly to the left, that is closed, when you pull on the candles, the cupcake moves up and the inside slides up to reveal your message. NOTE, the candles on top are just a joke, I am not really 56, I'm only

some old cards

I used one of Paulo's cut files for these. I love how they turned out!

Thanks Paulo. The file can be obtained on his blog scale-files .

Please check it out, there are hundreds of wonderful free files there.

2 more cards

June is birthday month around here. 2 more cards I scraplifted. Acutally didn't use my cricut for either of these!

The first card I made is for a birthday, inside says happy birthday to ewe (the receipient raises sheep) and the file is from the MTC gallery. The flower is dimensional and the center is a button.
The mustang is for my husband's nephew. I used puff paint on the car exhaust, looks cute in person. I'm sorry, but don't remember who made the file for the car, but THANKS, it cut great.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

older cards

some older cards I have made.